For over a decade, I have worked in various places ranging from tech startups, design agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. I have a love for good design, handmade crafts, and all things nerdy.

Joyce Croft
Joyce Croft


Creative Direction, Concept Development, Design Strategy, Brand Identity, Product Design, Web and Mobile UI Design, UX Design, Usability Testing, Information Architecture, HTML 5, CSS3, SASS, Typography, Storytelling, Print Design, User Flows, Wireframes, Building and Scaling Design Teams

Joyce Croft
Joyce Croft

Facts about me:

♥ I grew up in the Deep South -- Redneck Riviera actually.

🤘 I grew up listening to punk rock.

✎ I have a 10,000 hour mastery in drawing.

✂ I am currently working on a 10,000 hour mastery in sewing and embroidery.

☕ I collect coffee mugs with my name. Have one? I'm interested.

⚾ Every city I've lived in has won a World Series while I was living there (Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles).

👁 Superpower: Color acuity

🥊 Studies: The Sweet Science

✈ Flys: over 75,000 miles a year

🛍 Likes: shopping

📺 Loves: trashy TV

😂 Laughs: often

🎸 Plays: short scale bass

🏃‍♀️ Runs: 30 miles a week

🌭 Favorite food: hotdogs 🌭 (mustard, onions, and relish only please)

🇮🇪 Favorite alcoholic drink: Jameson, rocks. Close second: Miller High Life (yes, really)

😊 Things that make me happy: beach, sun, a strong cup of coffee first thing in the morning, Friday afternoons